The West Michigan Technical Group is a loosely organized group of Amateur Radio Operators that support Amateur Radio infrastructure in the west Michigan area.

Our  group of folks also are members of other Amateur Radio Clubs or Special Services Groups such as RACES or ARES.

We do this for the love of the hobby. We strive to build, support and maintain a high quality, high reliability radio/data/network infrastructure for the good of the Amateur Community.

We do projects to support YOU the Amateur Radio Community in West Michigan

Our analog, D-Star and DMR systems are in hardened tower sites with dual homed autonomous networks where we completely bypass the public internet and strive to deploy networks that will stand alone.  Most of our sites are radio based linking.  Both with analog audio and broadband networking radios.

– Sam Nabkey K8SN

Analog FM Repeaters:

442.075 Mhz 103.5 HZ
K8SN – Morley
442.175 Mhz 103.5 HZ
K8SN – Moline
223.920Mhz 94.8Hz CTCSS
N8JPR – Moline
927.9875 Mhz 136.5Hz PL
Portable 900Mhz Repeater


927.4625Mhz 136.5Hz CTCSS Simulcast Repeater Build (1 of 2 built for project)

Digital Repeating Systems:

High Power DMR Repeater Example (Moline)
Low Power DMR Repeater Example (Downtown)
Icom D-Star Stack at Moline









Special Projects:

Here are a few special projects we have done.