Hosted Repeater Services

Is the technical ability of the members of your Amateur Radio Club  inhibit the upkeep of your Repeater?  Do you NOT want to mess with programming, maintaining or implementing the newer technologies?

We will!

We can set up and configure your DMR, P25, Fusion and D-Star Systems

  • Complete configuration from start to finish
  • Services the way you want them.

We can host your Analog Repeater in our cloud!

  • Minimum amount of computing equipment at your site
  • Just need internet access
  • Full featured controller, special voice ID’s, Club announcements, ARRL and Newsline on schedule or on demand, Weather Alert Functions.
  • Fully managed by WMTG and / or your own Tech Committee
  • Autopatch Services available. (Inbound Repeater Reverse Patch)

We can also provide:

  • Site Monitoring
  • Club Information Line
  • Repeater Site Access Control
  • Repeater Site Video Surveillance.


Contact us for information on how we can help!