We are the West Michigan Technical Group!

Who are we?

The West Michigan Technical Group is comprised of several West Michigan Amateur Radio Operators who have taken time out of their hectic work lives to help the West Michigan Ham Radio Operators develop a little better network. WE ARE NOT A RADIO CLUB!  But a loosely coordinated group of technically active Amateur Radio Operators who enjoy working together on projects.

We support the Amateur Community in South Western Lower Michigan directly with the following Repeater Systems:

  • K8SN – 442.175Mhz 103.5hz  Moline
  • K8SN – 442.075Mhz 103.5hz Morley
  • K8SN – 443.225Mhz Yaesu Fusion
  • N8JPR – 223.920 Mhz 94.8hz Moline

We also offer support for the networking and linking for various other projects related to the Amateur Radio community including:

  • Complete Asterisk Phone Switch with Amateur Radio interface for worldwide Allstar connections
  • Support for a Brandmeister Talk Group giving a presence for West Michigan
  • Support for a YSF Reflector supporting the WMSF Yaesu Wires-X Room. (US WM-CONNECT)

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